Chapati Making Machine

We offer a wide range of fully automatic Roti Making Machines as a reliable company. This device integrates in the most hygienically and functionally possible way, the whole process of peda-making, pressing and baking in one unit. The cost of manufacturing, waste of raw materials and process time are reduced considerably.

Remove the probability of infestations ofinsects that can occur in completely covered machines. Minimizing immediate human meal &chapatis contact. This guarantees that the chapatis and machine surfaces do not contain any germs.

The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is, like all RD Industry Machines, it’s easy to use design which can be operated with a minimum training by an unskilled worker. A fellow worker can be very easily instructed also to use the machine.

We are a premium manufacturer taking a stab at all out consumer loyalty by offering unrivalled quality.

Advantages of Chapati Making Machine

NewTechnology: The most recent technology which is our own invention is provided in our fully automatic machine. It is unique and cannot be designed completely automatically with any other maker.

Flow of Work is clean: No dry flour sprinkler is required for our fully automated machine, which prevents wastage of drying meal. This facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the whole scheme. Any other completely automatic machine needs dry meal and therefore it is susceptible to rats, rodents, etc.

AccurateQuality:We provide quality service with our machine.
Chapati Maker
Capacity Diameter Thickness Weight Power Size in Inch(L x W x H )
800 to 1000 Chapati / Hr. 3" to 9" 0.8 to 6 mm 95 kg 4 Unit / Hr. 28.5" x 22" x 24"