Garlic peeling Machine

This is our new and finest product. By this garlic peeler you can peel only garlic. You can use this product at your home, restaurant, hostel etc. we are also manufacturer of industrial garlic peeling machine and garlic bulb breaker.

In this machine, we add a warm air system in order to peel easily and quickly.The garlic peeler machine works quickly, saving industrial job costs and time.Machine design is compact, making adjusting the client in the industry area easy.

Features of Garlic Peeling Machine

  • • Fully automatic operation of garlic peeling
  • • Can separate the various sizes of garlic, clove and membrane
  • • No harmful and long garlic preservation
  • • High efficiency of manufacturing
  • • Compressed air operations, energy saving unit
Garlic Peeling Machine
Moter Capacity Weight Size in Inch(L x W x H )
0.25HP 1Kg/5minut 14kg 10" x 9" x 20.5"