Onion cutter machine / Chopper Machine / Onion Slicer Machine

As an example, an automatic onion slicer machine with a reasonable price may slice any solid vegetable, such as onions (and garlic), ginger (and potatoes), and more.

An onion slicer machine can be used to slice onions into thin slices. – The onion slicing machine may also be used to slice other hard vegetables like garlic, ginger, potato, and so on. Garlic/ginger slicer machines are also known as onion slicer machines. Among its many impressive features are its compact size, ease of use and operation, high output and cheap operating costs. For this reason, an onion cutting machine is perfect for usage in restaurants, cafeterias, and food processing plants.

Features of Onion Slicer Machine

1. One of the most important features of an automatic onion slicer is its stainless-steel shell. Approval of national hygiene standards, which ensures the health and safety of the public.

2. Slice onions with a rotary cutter. There are no breaks in the slices of onion that are cut by the slicer machine.

3. Onion slices range in thickness from 1.5mm to 10mm. Slice thickness can be adjusted and cutters can be easily swapped out.

4. Cleaning process is also a breeze thanks to the compact design, high production, and ease of operation.

5. It can be used in many places, including a marinated meat factory, a canteen or hotel, a condiment plant, a wholesale vegetable market, and even by an individual merchant.

Onion Slicer Machine Work Process

Our onion slicer machine is simple to operate thanks to its compact design. When you put onions in the feeder and turn on the switch, the onions are cut into slices by a rotating motion. Cutting onions into slices increases the value of onions because they are used in a variety of foods.

A Guide to Using an Onion Slicer

1. In a complete onion processing line, an onion cutter machine might be linked to steps such or packing.

2. The essential component of the machine is the cutting blade. It's important to keep an eye on it so that dirt doesn't become stuck.

3. The cutter blade should be polished or changed if the finished onion slices do not have a smooth surface.

4. Water should be added to the feeder when slicing viscid foods like garlic to ensure that the finished goods are expelled from the machine smoothly.

5. It is our goal to ensure that our customers may immediately begin using their new machines after receiving them.

Onion Cutter / Chopper Machine
Moter Capacity Weight Size in Inch(L x W x H )
1.0 HP 40-50 kg / hr 28 kg 28" x 15" x 21"