Potato Chips machine

We have been promised in offering a wide exhibit of Potato Chips. Perfect for cutting potatoes into strips and cuts, the offered machine is utilized to make contributes resorts, food corners, hotels, and many other places

We use high-quality materials from reliable sources in the manufacture of these devices. These machines are helpful for various apps from peeling, slicing, dehydration and flavoring.

The specific kinds of panels, known as sally plates and flakes are used to cut the potato, with the aid of specially designed round cutting plates supplied with the machine.

Process of Potato Chips machine

The easiest chips of this type are only fried and salted, but they are able to add a broad range of crops, spices, cheeses or artificial additives to their seasonings. Potato wafers have to be produced scientifically and hygienically.

First step is Destoning & Washing after that it will be peeling. After peeling it will go for slicing is slicing. So this is the flow of potato chips machine.

Potato Slicer
Capacity 3 Type Slicer Weight Size in Inch(L x W x H )
150-200 kg/Hr Plane, Laffer, Sali 50 kg 23" x 15" x 28"